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Follow these 8 steps to grooming success

1. Put the dog straight into the bath then wash with one of our Secret Weapon shampoos. (no pre-brushing needed). Towel dry,  spray with Hypknotic or Tangle Tamer. Blast the coat until it feels completely dry - check at the roots!


2.Turn the dryer to low and remove the nozzle from the end so you just are working with the hose, alternatively use a stand dryer on the lowest setting.


3. Line brush, starting from the feet and moving upwards in small sections, start at the back of the body (tail end) and work forwards. It's important to have the dryer blowing on the section you are drying because the matts will still be damp on the inside and as you brush each layer off the next layer will dry and so on. 


4. The matts will brush out easily when the hair is fully dry.


5. You need to be patient and methodical.  The only tools you need are: a slicker brush, a metal comb and the dryer. De-matting tools are not necessary. 


6. The dogs should not complain or object if you are doing it correctly.


7. Practice Practice Practice. Start using this technique on every dog you groom, their coats will look amazing. Once you learn  and master this technique with these products you will find that it's very easy to brush out the matts. 

8. Remember: Our shampoos are hydrating as well as deep cleansing so with regular use, the condition of the coat improves and subsequently becomes much easier to brush and dry. 

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