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Secret Weapon Intense Xtra

Secret Weapon Intense Xtra

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Secret Weapon Intense Xtra is a concentrate product that will demat, de-shed, detangle, hydrate, add volume, speed up the drying process and give you AMAZING results. Intense Xtra has a delicious tropical aroma that you'll love.

Secret Weapon Intense Xtra can be added to your favourite shampoo to aid hydration and detangling whilst you wash or used as a post shampoo dematt treatment.  Intense Xtra can also be worked into any tough matts before shampooing so it gets to work loosening those matts before you apply your shampoo. You can even dilute it to make an effective conditioning detangle spray.

  • Available in 6 sizes to suit every pocket.
  • Add Intense Xtra directly to your favourite shampoo. 
  • Intense Xtra will hydrate the coat and make dematting a breeze. 
  • You can dilute Intense Xtra with warm pre-boiled or distilled water and use as a brushing, dematting or scissoring spray.
  • Use in your pre-show bath for a more manageable and conditioned coat.
  • Its great for all breeds and especially good on Poodles, Bichon Frise, Havanese, Poodle-crosses, Lagotto and other matt-prone dog breeds with thicker coats.
  • Coat condition improves with every use
  • Shelf life in excess of 12months in its concentrate form.
  • Secret Weapon Intense Xtra is made in the UK
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